Italian between words and images: graffiti, pictures, comics
Poster italian contest

My drawing represents the concept of something that struck me of Italy. Italy has these beautiful carnivals every year called “Carnevale “and I love the way the masks are so detailed and are very unique to each person. This celebration was taught to me by my teacher and I adored it. Italy represents so much, and it has such a gorgeous culture. I added food into the drawing, because so many amazing foods have been made it Italy. Being known for many of the foods such as pizza, pasta, wine, cheese, and coffee. There are tons of other delicious foods also. I added the Vaticano because it is very famous for the Pope and the Catholic Church . I drew the leaning tower of Pisa to show a famous destination spot in Italy. The Roman Colosseum is also important to the Italy because of its history and lots of tourist also go visit. The Italian gondola is also part of the drawing and would have to be a personal favorite. Having been to Italy, and experienced a moment where I sat in a gondola and listened to Italian men sing and rode very beautifully through Venetia was such a fabulous experience . Italian is such a stunning language and the culture behind Italy is beautiful too. I wanted to put together many culturally known places and experiences into one drawing. The Italian flag was the background to showcase the place everything comes from. Taking Italian has taught me so much, and participating in the contest was an honor. I am super glad my teacher Professoressa Ippolito encouraged me to participate in the contest. I love taking Italian and learning every single day. The ceremony with the embassy of Italy was fascinating and a moment I will not forget. I met astonishing workers of the Embassy and shared a moment with other participants that is unforgettable. I will receive a medal of merit from the Embassy and a personal honor of having participated.

AndreaTrivinoa sophomore at Woodbridge High School.  

Ileana Ippolito, Italian Teacher