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Due to COVID-19 the concussion training will be available online for all 6-12 grade students, starting July 10. 

Updated Face-to-Face Concussion Training Dates Will Soon be Posted For 2020-21

Q: Who needs training? 
A:   All student athletes and their parent/guardian need annual trainingView Policy 759

Q: I have a middle school student AND a high school student, which training do I need?
A:   Both

As there are sufficient differences in the way concussions will be handled at the middle school and high school levels, a parent having children in both middle and high schools is required to attend both a middle AND a high school presentation.


Prince William County Public Schools is committed to providing face-to-face concussion training as the desired method of training for parents and student athletes. Occasionally, students and parents new to Prince William County will have registered or moved into the Division after the publicized face-to-face training or season and tryouts. In these instances, the parent may request access to a specific online training in order to meet the concussion training requirement and enable student participation in the desired activity. However, due to COVID-19 the concussion training requirement will be met by taking the online concussion training starting July 10. We will make every effort to accommodate for face-to-face concussion training, as needed. 

If you experience any difficulty accessing the online concussion training please contact the Office of Student Activities by calling 703-791-7353.  

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Face-to-Face Concussion Trainings Canceled Until Further Notice

Take note of start times for face-to-face training. Plan to arrive early and stay to complete the entire session. Doors will be closed once the training begins. Late arriving parents and students may not be permitted in the training once it has started.

Face-to-face training schedules are subject to change; therefore parents and students are encouraged to visit their school’s websites to verify scheduled training dates.

Return to Play Protocol

This resource provides students and parents with the PWCS protocol for students to return to activity participation after experiencing a concussion injury.

Read the  Return to Play Protocol (Word)

Return to Learn

Students who suffer concussions may experience difficulties in returning to the many expectations of classroom participation and learning. 


Heads Up Concussion Education

Visit HEADS UP Concussion in Youth Sports for valuable concussion information.          

Chloe's Story

Can two minutes change a life? Hear Chloe’s story in her own words, and you decide.  

This is a poignant story of Chloe’s experience following her multiple concussions and the importance of knowing when to say “No.” 

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Photograph of Chloe.