School-based and central office personnel who support student services and/or provide instructional support, are expected to complete mandatory online training in the five Creating Opportunities for Relationships (COR) modules by June 1, 2020. Staff information.


Why Cultural Awareness and Responsiveness Training?

We believe effective communication and positive relationships are everyone’s responsibility. Both require understanding, of one’s own cultural dimensions and how these intersecting dimensions influence mutual respect, positive relationships, and the continuity of learning. Culturally Responsive Instruction (CRI) gives employees a vital understanding of global mindsets, helping them to provide effective learning across a diverse student body, and promote a culture of respect and understanding for all.  

The training is grounded in the PWCS commitment to forging positive trusting relationships, and in the moral imperative of educational equity. 

We are excited to offer multifaceted professional development that includes:

  • Creating Opportunities through Relationships (COR) Modules
    Designed by the University of Virginia, the modules use self-paced learning, reflection, videos, and other tools to raise awareness of our individual values, opinions, and attitudes about people we work with and the students we serve. They will also help staff members gain a common systematic vocabulary to address these issues.

  • Culturally Aware and Responsive Educator (CARE) Leads
    Each school designates a CARE Lead to receive specific turn-key training that lets them facilitate greater discussion and understanding of the modules and larger cultural issues among members of PWCS learning communities. CARE Leads will facilitate discussions, provide data, teaching and learning resources, module assistance, and strategies for producing sustainable patterns of educational equity. Ongoing cultural competency training and continuous measurable actions are essential foundations for building a culturally competent Division..

  • Evolving Programs and Materials
    PWCS will continue to offer new and expanded materials and training opportunities.
    PWCS Cultural Awareness and Responsiveness training will bring tangible benefits to our employees and, through them, to advancing a culture in which respect and effective learning extend to everyone.

CRI Framework