The PWCS Aquatics Center is proud to be a Make a Splash Local Partner and the recipient of a 2018 USA Swimming Foundation grant to support our Water Safety School.


The PWCS Aquatics Center Water Safety School is a free learn-to-swim program offered to second grade students enrolled in Prince William County elementary schools. Our goal for this program is to provide instruction in swimming and water safety to as many children as we can.

Instruction for Water Safety School is provided using the American Red Cross learn-to-swim curriculum, one of the most widely recognized in the aquatics industry.


Schools and students are able to participate in one of two programs that we offer:

  1. Five-day program: students visit the Aquatics Center for 50 minutes once per week over a five week period
  2. One-day program: students visit the Aquatics Center one time for 90 minutes

School selection for the five-day program is through a random lottery process. Slots for the one-day program are filled on a first-come, first-served basis.

WSS Breakdown

During Water Safety School, students will receive instruction in both swimming and water safety:

Swimming Instruction (note: these are examples of instruction that may be provided; students receive instruction based on level placement during their pre-assessment):
 - Floating on front/back
 - Blowing bubbles
 - Gliding on front/back
 - Combined arm and leg movement
 - Rotary breathing

Water Safety Instruction:
 - Properly sizing and wearing a life jacket
 - Basic rescue techniques
 - Being safe in and around the water
 - Longfellow's WHALE Tales safety topics

Year Six Day One Day   Schools
 2016-17 842 2,254   30
 2017-18 1,947 1,860   37
 2018-19 2,127 1,813   38
 2019-20 2,303 1,463   37
 Total  7,219  7,390   


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