Students learn in a Division that learns

Our Mission is to facilitate high-quality professional learning that establishes, sustains, and empowers adult learners in delivering a world-class education.


Executive Office

Based at Kelly Leadership Center

Christie Dugan Taylor

Director of the Office of Professional Learning

Maria Burgos

Supervisor, Global Learning and Culturally Responsive Instruction

Michele Webb

Supervisor, Leadership Development

Donna Wilder

Supervisor, Professional Learning

Amy Larrick, Ed.D

Administrative Coordinator, Continuous Improvement Coaching

Mentor & Induction Program

Cheryl Hinzman, Ed.S

Professional Development Specialist

Dr. Amie Weinberg

Professional Development Specialist

Content Specialists

Aaron Cebular

Social Studies

Ryan Holt

Language Arts

Kristin Rojas

Secondary Math

Kathy Russo

Social Studies

Meghan Waymire


Instructional Coaches

Cynthia Boddie
Jennifer Borders
Nicole Clarke
David Eifert
Lisa Emerson
Kelly Moxley
Dean Stevenson
Michelle Young

Administrative Team

Payton Marshall

Executive Secretary

Mona Abdel-Razaq

Secretary – supporting Global Learning and Culturally Responsive Instruction / Continuous Improvement Coaching

Natasha Kenner

Secretary – supporting Professional Learning, Mentor Induction Program and Leadership Development

Chery Thomas