Strategic Planning and Continuous Improvement

The PWCS Strategic Plan provides all stakeholders and school Board members a means to measure the Division’s progress. All schools and departments are aligned via the same strategic themes, objectives and key measures of success. The Strategic Plan is a road map allowing PWCS to focus on critical areas of need. The Research, Accountability, and Strategic Planning Department provides District Leaders and Stakeholders with guidance in supporting their initiatives, activities and monitored measures. An Annual Summary Report is presented to the Board and used by schools and offices to develop their continuous improvement plans.

The emphasis of this process is on continuous improvement planning as schools and District teams work together to support and ensure all students are successful. Continuous Improvement Plans, based on the PWCS Strategic Plan, are implemented, supported and monitored using Advanc-Ed’s eProve™ Strategies, a web-based software program as the tool to aid the process. Organized in four stages: Envisioning, Planning, Implementation, and Evaluation, the tool encourages Continuous Improvement Teams to develop actionable steps in improving student and school success. These one-year action plans are monitored for fidelity and are the focus of the Division’s commitment to a World-Class Education for all students.

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