Reporting Workers' Compensation Claims

All employees shall promptly report all work related injuries or illnesses to their immediate supervisor and the reporter for their school/location.

The reporter will provide:

  1. Employee's Report of Accident
  2. Supervisor's Report of Accident
  3. Authorized Medical Panel
  4. Transmittal Sheet
  5. Temporary Prescription Services Form

The Employee's Report of Accident should be completed as soon as possible and given to your school/location's reporter for input into PMA's system. The employee should also sign a copy of the Authorized Medical Panel form. 

The employee should take the Transmittal Sheet with them to the physician.

If you are unable to locate your school/location's reporter, please contact the Office of Risk Management & Security Services at 703.791.7210.


NOTE: All faxes to the Office of Risk Management and Security Services need to be faxed to 703.791.7404.