Lost Time

Virginia Code § 65.2-509 requires that the first seven calendar days for an injury, which includes weekends and holidays, will be charged against the injured employee's sick leave benefits. Upon approval of the claim, benefits will commence on the eighth day of disability and paid at the rate of two-thirds of the employee's gross average weekly wage (subject to maximum and minimum rates set by the Virginia Workers' Compensation Commission).  See Section IV of Regulation 532-1.

NOTE TO TIME KEEPERS:  When recording disability due to a work-related injury, please record as sick leave, or in the event the employee has no leave benefits whatsoever, record as leave without pay until such time as the claim is approved by the PMA Companies. You may not use the sick leave bank or donated leave for work-related injury leave. You will be notified by PMA once the claim is accepted as to how to record such period of disability.