Supply Services Office & Staff

An Overview of Who We Are and What We Do

Supply Services Staff receive cross-training.Have you ever been in a position where you had to have art or administrative supplies on short notice, or have something moved for a school function, or just didn't know where to turn to get something done? Then you've probably been directed to call the Supply Services Office for help.

The personnel in Supply Services respond to over 5,000 requests a year to move material ranging from chairs, to HVAC chiller units, to computers, to food products. In addition, in excess of 25,000 requests for supplies and maintenance parts are filled each year.Supply services staff in a classroom training session

These functions, and other critical logistical services conducted by the Supply Services Office personnel, have evolved over the years as a result of demands from our customers--the building managers and budget holders. Since performing these functions result in a cost to the Division, we have set our goal to maximize the support we offer while minimizing operational costs.

To meet this goal we have adopted the concept of conservation through innovation. We have streamlined our daily operations by cross-training personnel, have reorganized our infrastructure where needed, and have implemented automation where feasible and cost-effective.

Contact Us

Distribution Center Supplies 703.791.7217

Material moves 703.791.7216 or 703.791.7218

Inventories 703.791.8191 or 703.791.7349

Unsure of which one? Call any of the above.



To meet the demands during the busiest times, we augment our staff by hiring temporary help. This happens at the beginning and end of the school year and when we're outfitting new schools or assisting in the effort to prepare for major school renovations.


Paul Smith

Terry Muse

Terry Muse
Supply Services Coordinator 

Sylvia Baker

Sylvia Baker

Karen Boothe

Karen Boothe
Property Inventory Chief

Sandy Wilt

Sandy Willt
Material Control Specialist, Supply Requests


Donna Brown
Material Control Specialist, Maintenance

Jarrett Powell

Jarrett Powell
Distribution Center Services Chief (Art/General)

 Headshot of Charles Barr

Charles Barr
Distribution Center Services Chief (Maintenance)

Jim Dove

Jim Dove
Receiving/ Shipping/Distribution Clerk


Bill Fitzgerald
Mail Room Coordinator

Truck Drivers

Bobby Fincham
John Ashcraft
Cepeda Jones
Kevin Tibbs
Rob Weaver
Bill Williams

Driver Helpers

Christian Brown

Stephen Ceragioli

Brian Medina

Receiving/Special Deliveries

Ray Brown
Terrance Tibbs

General and Maintenance

Allen Arrington
Danny Corsaro
Mike Lial
Jonathan Jenkins


Mail Room Coordinator/Head Courier - Bill Fitzgerald

Brooke McElroy

Ut Thach

Emmanuel Obeng
Mike Lowry

Property Inventory Chief - Karen Boothe

Property Inventory Clerk - Lisa Charland

Auction Specialist - Ron Collins

Account Clerk II - Jaclyn Carlson