Mail Services - Couriers and Mail Room

Couriers - Mailroom
Couriers travel to every school to pickup and deliver mail, saving precious time for teachers and staff every day. 

Couriers often work on Code Red days delivering payroll.

Couriers augment the Distribution Center by delivering small packages and, in turn, Distribution Center personnel are often assigned to help the courier staff. 

The mail room is the central collection point for all mail leaving or entering the Independent Hill Complex and Kelly Learning Center. 

The couriers operate a central mail room located in the Distribution Center.  Approximately 480,000 pieces of mail are processed annually through the postage machine located in the facility. Couriers travel approximately 93,000 combined miles per year within the county. 


  • Prepare bulk mailings, bus schedules, class schedules and any other requirement schools/offices have.
  • Prepare USPS letter trays with correct zip code labels and paper work required for processing. Trays are prepared for drop off and delivered to the USPS Office.
  • Pick up mailings from Imaging Center when they are ready for processing.
  • Pick up and deliver internal mail daily to all schools and offices.  Many times they are called to pick up special mailings.
  • On Code Red days, the courier office must deliver payroll. Payroll needs to be picked up from the Mail Center located at Kelly Building, taken to the main post office on Sudley Road and then returned to the Kelly Building.