Visual Impairment including blindness means an impairment in vision, that even with correction, adversely affects a student’s educational performance. The term includes both partial sight and blindness.

They include:

  • Students with visual acuity of 20/70 or less in the better eye with best correction,
  • Students have a severely restricted field of vision,
  • Students with visual difficulties, not visual perceptual difficulties, for whom significant modifications in their educational program have not been sufficient.



Since students with Visual Impairments vary in their individual profiles and abilities, Prince William County offers a range of program options to meet the educational needs of each student. The first program option allows students to attend their neighborhood school with services provided through the itinerant program. A teacher for the Visual Impairment works with students individually or in small groups both in and out of the regular education classroom. In addition, the teacher for the visual impaired works with the classroom teacher to ensure accommodations and modifications for visually related needs are met. Program levels utilize assistive technology. Additional placements are determined by the IEP team.

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"From Confusion to Inclusion", a video developed by the PWCS Vision Department. Follows four Visual Impairment students through their school transition, and how the schools worked successfully to provide a positive school experience for not only the child, but the teachers, support staff, administrators, and peers. The film focuses on the collaborative investment that was made by each, and the powerful result of their efforts from confusion to inclusion. During the discussion that followed the video, it was concluded that instruction for all students improves by utilizing the expertise of individuals in an inclusion setting.

View "From Confusion to Inclusion" Video

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Administrative Contacts

 Janice Hornbeck

Janice Hornbeck, Supervisor

Linda Alvey, Secretary

Leslie Parrott, Administrative Coordinator

Teachers for Students with Visually Impairments or Blindness

Gina Bianco

Brewsonya Currie

Curt Hoover

Tamara Jackson

Laura McGookin

Yazmin Musa

Rebecca Peach

Lori Plunkett

Suzanne Proctor

Rebecca Shell

Debbie Stachkunas

Michelle Wentzel

Orientation and Mobility Instructor
Maggie Roth