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Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS) offers a wide variety of rigorous and engaging Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs designed to improve academic and technical understanding, offer leadership opportunities, and deliver instruction through realistic, hands-on applications. CTE instruction demonstrates the relevance and purpose in learning as students prepare for post-secondary experiences, whether they plan to enter the workforce directly, seek additional training, or enroll in a post-secondary institution. Please use the left column to navigate the available CTE programs that PWCS offers including both high school and middle school programs, certifications and industry credential results, and the CTE staff.


Fall 2021 Opportunity to Take a Free Mason Game Design Course

Fall 2021 Game Design Opportunity

PWCS has partnered again with George Mason University's Mason Game and Technology Academy (MGTA) to offer game design courses to PWCS middle and high school students free of charge. 

Course Dates:

September 25

October 2, 9, 16, 23, and 30

November 6, 13, and 20

There are a limited number of seats in each course. Please sign up for the course the student is most interested in attending.

Registration Deadline: September 8

Course Location: George Mason University (GMU) Manassas Campus

 (Approximate location, exact building to be determined: 10900 University Blvd, Manassas, VA 20110)

Fall 2021 Courses

Roblox Game Development

Ages 10 - 14

This course utilizes the Roblox game platform to teach students game design and development.

Students will build multiplayer worlds and use the Lua programming language to create desired game mechanics. During the second half of the course, students will create their own game by choosing from a collection of custom tutorials provided with one of the base game templates provided (Platformer, Racer, RPG).   Students will publish their games on Roblox to share with their classmates and their parents.

Students should be reasonably proficient with a keyboard and mouse as this course requires some typing.

This class requires that the student have a Roblox account before attending the class.

Sign-up for Roblox

Game Design with Unity and C#

Ages 12 and up

This course utilizes the Unity game engine to help students learn game design and development. Students will build 2D and 3D worlds and utilize C# scripts to create desired game mechanics. Students will receive an introduction to their chosen specialization (art, animation, programming, audio production, etc.) before joining a team where they will put those skills to use.  Teams will create a game using a collection of custom tutorials provided with each of the base game templates provided. Students will publish their games, use collaboration software, and have the option to continue working with their development team after the course is complete.

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Intro to 3D Animation with Blender

Ages 12 and up

In this class, students will learn how to bring computer and video game characters to life using 3D Animation using Blender, a free and open-source software. 3D animation is the art of taking 3D models and giving them motion. Students will start the course by learning the basics of Blender, which will include object creation, basic modeling, navigation, lighting and rendering. Once students are familiar with Blender, we will move to 3D animation. Students will be given pre-made, rigged 3D models and learn how to apply the principles of 3D animation to breathe life into the characters. The principles we will be learning include squash and stretch, anticipation, exaggeration and timing. Students will animate characters such as a little red astronaut, a large sleepy bear and a noble fantasy knight. Using animation, students will learn how to make their characters walk, run, attack and express themselves.

Note: This class is an animation class and while we do go over 3D modeling, the focus of the class is animation. This class is a good complement to the MGTA Art and Animation for 3D Games and Intro to 3D Modeling courses. This course has no prerequisites and is intended for beginners.

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Intro to Python

Ages 12 and up

This popular course is an excellent introduction to programming for students. Python is an excellent first programming language because students can quickly learn how to think like a programmer. Python is easily readable – students won’t need to memorize the complex syntax that other programming languages require. Instead, students will be able to focus on learning programming concepts and paradigms. This course incorporates fun, visual features to teach Python. While learning to code in Python, students will be able to observe their code in illustrative patterns and designs. This is a fun way to integrate art/design, computer science, and geometry all tied into one course! For more advanced students, this course will also allow them to delve deeper into Python programming, and learn to program simple, textual and graphical based computer games.

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