Multiple opportunities for students entering middle school are offered in Prince William County Public Schools. Nine middle schools in Prince William County offer specialty programs.

Students residing in Prince William County by January 1 must submit an application by February 1 to be considered for admission for the upcoming school year. Students moving into the county after January 1 should contact the coordinator of the program(s) of interest for more information.

If a program receives applications for more students than the program can accept or the school can house, a lottery is held to select program participants. Under conditions of extreme overcrowding of a given school, a program may be open only to students within the school’s boundary and may be closed to all transfer students. See Specialty Programs descriptions below.




Middle School Programs Opportunities Information Brochure (PDF)

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2017 MS Brochure Cover

Check the calendar for information session dates at specific schools.

Application Guidelines

  • All student must complete the online application in order to be considered for the programs they are interested in attending. The online application requires students to rank order their first, second and third program choice.
  • Students interested in Pennington and Porter Traditional Schools, or the same gender program at Woodbridge Middle School are required to submit a separate paper application.
  • Paper applications for Pennington Traditional School, Porter Traditional School, and Woodbridge Middle School must be postmarked no later than February 1 or delivered in-person no later than 4 p.m. on February 1
  • Applications are required for students residing within a school boundary as well as for students who transfer for a program.
  • Students who apply to attend a specialty program at a middle school other than their base middle school must submit a Student Transfer Request Form and transfer to that middle school for the program.

For all students residing in Prince William County before January 1:

  • Students moving into the county after January 1 should call the coordinator of the program or programs of interest for additional information.
  • Please review the attendance areas for the middle school specialty programs and for the traditional programs.

Specialty Programs Transportation Services

Students living within the boundaries of the specialty program school may ride their regular bus to school. Transportation services for students who reside outside the boundaries of the specialty program school will be provided via a network of express bus stops.

Transportation requests, including the selection of a specific express stop, must be returned to the school with the specialty program application.

The transportation request process must be repeated for every year the student is enrolled in the specialty program. Parents have the responsibility to provide transportation to and from express bus stops.


International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme

  • Beville Middle School
  • Fred Lynn Middle School
  • Hampton Middle School
  • Unity Braxton Middle School

Mathematics and Science

  • Graham Park Middle School
  • Marsteller Middle School
  • Rippon Middle School

Same Gender Program

  • Woodbridge Middle School

Traditional Schools

  • Pennington School
  • Porter School


World Languages
(French and Spanish)

  • Fred Lynn Middle School
  • Lake Ridge Middle School
  • Parkside Middle School