Prince William County Schools Are Leading The Way

In Prince William Country Schools (PWCS), we focus on using technology to support and enhance teaching and learning. Our schools are uniquely diverse  in their innovative practices. We have schools moving towards a 1:1 learning environment with a variety of devices.  The Makerspaces in our schools promote problem solving, creativity and critical thinking. We also have schools who have been recognized by Apple and Microsoft as showcase schools or model schools. In many schools, coding and STEAM are providing authentic opportunities that help make learning math, science, technology, engineering and fine and practical art more meaningful.

We want to prepare our students for their future by giving them the time, resources, skills and knowledge to succeed in  a world that will look much different than it does today.

Office of Instructional Technology Services

The Office of Instructional Technology Services promotes and supports research-based best practices and resources that provide students and staff with increased opportunities for authentic, meaningful, and innovative learning experiences. We develop professional growth opportunities for division personnel focused on student achievement. We investigate new and emerging technologies that address all of our learning needs and contribute to the success of our students-preparing them for their future


Diane Harazin
Supervisor of Instructional Technology  


Tim Cruz
Coordinator of Instructional Technology  

Sandra Massey 
Instructional Technology Coach