World Languages Students Celebrate Valentine’s Day, Making Intercultural Connections

World language students across the county enjoyed learning about international Valentine's Day traditions through intercultural connections.

Students in Ms. Rachel Jenkins’ Spanish I classes at Freedom High School created Valentine cards with acrostic poems describing the recipients.

Ms. Joanna Maddox’s Italian students at Hylton High School created cards and learned how to say, “I love you” in Italian.

Ms. Ileana Ippolito’s Italian students at Woodbridge High School used the studio art design space in the WSHS library to decorate their Valentino cards and envelopes.

Ms. Maritza Boror Del Cid’s Spanish students at Freedom High School worked on a Kindness/San Valentín project. They chose a poem in Spanish that spoke to them and wrote it in a heart or wrote their own poems.  They also read and analyzed poems from Pablo Neruda and Gustavo Adolfo Becquer.