Estimated Expenses 2020-22

Projected Expenses for 2020-2022 (PDF)

Tuition is established with the annual determination of the Prince William County School budget and is subject to change.  Out of county residents will be assessed an additional $200 tuition fee.  All tuition is non-refundable.  VA/GI Bill accepted.  This program is not FAFSA eligible.  Scholarship and Grant monies accepted. 

Estimated Expenses 2021-2023

All expenses subject to change. Tuition is assessed yearly and may change per School Board.

All fees are non-refundable.  

All payments are performed electronically through the RYCOR system. PWCS students - please use your Student ID# to pay. Adult students - please use your ID # given to you upon registration. Keep this number safe as you will be using your student ID# number to pay throughout your schooling.

First Year 2021-22

Expense Amount Due Date
Adult & High School Students Practical Nursing I Book Deposit (non-refundable) $200 June 1, 2021
School Uniform (purchase on own - see acceptance letter) $40 August 2021
Practical Nursing I Books Final Payment (non-refundable) $200  First day of class
Adult Students Practical Nursing I Tuition Deposit (non-refundable) $1,000 June 1, 2021
Background & 10 Panel Drug Screen (Performed by ViewPoint - must be clear to be officially admitted; needs to be started by June 1, 2021)** $56 May/June 2021
Practical Nursing I Tuition Final Payment (non-refundable) $2,500 First day of class

Out of County Tuition Fee  (non-refundable)

$200 First day of class
School Parking Fee $100 September 10, 2021
High School Students School Parking Fee Traveling high school students are required to have base school parking pass and driving waiver.
Out of County Tuition Fee (non-refundable) For Osbourn High School students, this is paid by Osbourn High.


Summer 2022 (Paid on Own)

Expense Amount Due Date
CPR Class- AHA Healthcare Provider BLS $100 Summer 2022
Background & 10 Panel Drug Screen (New High School Grads ONLY)
(Performed by ViewPoint Screening- High School students graduating must be cleared in order to go into second year of the nursing program)*
$56 Summer 2022
Immunization Documentation Tracker (performed by Viewpoint- All Students) $15 Summer 2022


Second Year 2022-23

Expense Amount Due Date
PN III Tuition Deposit (non-refundable) $1,000 June 1, 2022
PN III Book Deposit (Mandatory; non-refundable) $200 June 1, 2022
PN III Books Final Payment (non-refundable) *$100 First day of class
PN III HESI-PN (computer access) (non-refundable) $450 September 12, 2022
PN III Tuition Final Payment (non-refundable) $3,500 First day of class
Out of County Tuition Fee if applicable (non-refundable) $200 First day of class
School Parking Fee (mandatory for ALL) $100 September 12, 2022
Skills Lab Usage Fee (non-refundable) $100 September 12, 2022
Flu & COVID-19 shots (required for clinical - on own) $25 October 1, 2022
Graduation Expenses (basic school pin & lamp) $20 March 1, 2023
NCLEX-PN Exam Fee (payable to Pearson Vue) $200 May 1, 2023
State Board of Nursing Licensure Fee (payable to VA Board of Nursing) $170 May 1, 2023
State Board HURST Review Course (includes book) $300 March 1, 2023
UWORLD- NCLEX Review $275 February 1, 2023

*Note: if the 10 panel drug screen or background check does not come back with clear results, this could make you ineligible to attend the second year (clinical phase) of the nursing program- pends approval of the local affiliating agencies policy.