In 2017 the PWCS broadband capacity was 2 GB. In 2018 the capacity will grow to 10 GB.

Work is well underway on expanding PWCS broadband capacity to deliver faster, easier internet access for schools, and improved data sharing with parents, students, and teachers. When complete, the PWCS digital information pipeline will be five times larger, expanding teaching, learning, and family engagement resources.

What Will the Upgrade Mean?

In Schools

  • Faster connections
  • Higher quality media streaming
  • Greater BYOD opportunities
  • Fewer disruptions

Once the upgrade is complete, schools with newer local area network equipment will see dramatic improvements. Remaining schools will experience the upgrade once older equipment is replaced.

Outside Schools

  • Parents will see faster times in accessing and using the current Parent Portal

Plan Ahead for Internet Outages

To minimize disruption to schools and classrooms, the work to install the new system will occur on weekends or in the evenings. Occasional division-wide internet outages will be a necessary inconvenience to complete the upgrade. Announcements and reminders will be sent to employees and parents before each planned outage.

*The bandwidth upgrade work began in November. By early December, bandwidth had already doubled to 4GB.

Schedule of Local Area Network and Wireless Access Equipment Replacement

Updated December 7, 2017

 High School  Status Or Expected Completion
Battlefield Completed
Brentsville District Completed
Colgan Completed
Forest Park Completed
Freedom Completed
Gar-Field Completed
Hylton Completed
Independence Nontraditional Completed
Osbourn Park Completed
Patriot Completed
Potomac Completed
Stonewall Jackson Completed
Woodbridge Completed

 Middle School Status or Expected Completion 
Benton Completed
Beville 2019-20
Bull Run 2021-22
Fred Lynn 2020-21
Gainesville Completed
Hampton  Completed
Graham Park  Completed
Hampton Completed 
Lake Ridge Completed 
Marsteller  Completed
New Dominion 2020-21
The Nokesville School  Completed
Parkside Completed 
Potomac  Completed
Reagan  Completed
Rippon 2021-22
Saunders Completed
Stonewall Completed 
Woodbridge Completed 

 Elementary School  Status or Expected Completion
Alvey 2019-20
Antietam Completed
Ashland 2019-20
Bel Air 2019-20
Belmont 2019-20
Bennett 2019-20
Bristow Run 2021-22
Buckland Mills 2021-22
Cedar Point 2021-22
Chris Yung Completed
Coles 2019-20
Covington-Harper Completed
Dale City 2019-20
Dumfries Completed
Ellis 2019-20
Enterprise 2021-22
Featherstone 2019-20
Fitzgerald 2021-22
Glenkirk 2021-22
Gravely 2021-22
Haymarket Completed
Henderson Completed
Kerrydale Completed
Kilby Completed
King 2019-20
Kyle Wilson Completed
Lake Ridge Completed
Leesylvania 2020-21
Loch Lomond 2018-19
Marshall 2020-21
Marumsco Hills 2020-21
McAuliffe 2017-18
Minnieville Completed
Montclair 2020-21
Mountain View Completed
Mullen 2020-21
Neabsco 2020-21
The Nokesville School Completed
Occoquan Completed
Old Bridge Completed
Pattie Completed
Penn 2018-19
Pennington Traditional 2021-22
Piney Branch 2019-20
Porter Traditional 2020-21
Potomac View Completed
River Oaks 2020-21
Rockledge 2018-19
Rosa Parks 2019-20
Signal Hill 2021-22
Sinclair 2018-19
Springwoods 2021-22
Sudley Completed
Swans Creek Completed
T. Clay Wood 2021-22
Triangle 2020-21
Tyler Completed
Vaughan 2018-19
Victory 2021-22
West Gate 2018-19
Westridge Completed
Williams 2018-19
Woodbine Preschool 2018-19
Yorkshire Completed