Seussical’s spectacular set stuns spectators
Posted on 06/05/2019
Cast and crew of Brentsville's "Seussical the Musical" on stage together


Brentsville District High School’s “Seussical: the Musical” follows the Cat in the Hat (Annabel Bergeron) as he tells the story of Horton (Andrew Giles), an elephant who discovers a speck of dust that is home to the Whos, including Jojo (Abby Gloff), a Who-child sent off to military school for thinking too many "thinks." Horton finds himself in a pickle when he must protect the Whos from a world of naysayers and dangers, while also guarding an abandoned egg, left in his care by the irresponsible Mayzie La Bird (Faith Housley). Through ridicule, danger, kidnapping and a trial, courageous Gertrude McFuzz (Sydney Lawrence) stands by Horton. Ultimately, the powers of friendship, family, and community emerge triumphant, with the former naysayers vowing to protect the Whos, and Jojo’s family accepting him for who he is.

Other featured characters were naysayer Sour Kangaroo (Jasmine Meints), head of the military school, General Gengus Kahn Schmitz (Klayton Ewing), and Jojo’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Mayor (Kyle Hallman and Claire Lord).
The show was a wonderful opportunity for young actors as they got to portray colorful, imaginary creatures with exaggerated features and personalities. Such characters make the show as equally delightful for audience members looking to escape from the day-to-day, and travel to fantastical lands such as the Jungle of Nool and the Circus McGurkus.

"Seussical" Standout

The standout of this show was the spectacular set. What started the show as a line of story books was opened, flipped, and rotated into a laundry list of magical lands. From Whoville to the Jungle of Nool, this set had it all, and made the transformations in what felt like split seconds. The set was designed and built by the director and drama club sponsor, Daniel Fiore, and the masterful scenic painting was done by Sheryl Massie, a science teacher at BDHS, and Josie Carter, a BDHS student; all of them deserve a special round of applause.

Why “Seussical”?

Fiore explained, “The drama program at Brentsville District High School is only four years old. We have undergone a rapid expansion from a cast of nine the first year to a cast of 45 this year. We had a lot of success last year with ‘Beauty and the Beast.’ The family-friendly nature of the show attracted a large audience, including the neighboring Nokesville School, and a lot of student interest. This year, we wanted to continue that family-friendly theme and looked for a show with a lot of color, relatable characters, upbeat songs and opportunities for some spectacle.”