Student Representatives to the Prince William County Schools' School Board for 2021-22

Student representatives are non-voting members and serve for one term concluding with the final School Board meeting of the school year.

Daania Sharifi — Gainesville High School

Charlotte Flynn — Woodbridge High School

Alternate: Mekelet Suraphel — C.D. Hylton High School

Student Senate 2021-22

The Student Senate is made up of one appointed student from each high school.

Members for the 2021-22 school year are:

Manreet Cheema (Battlefield High School)

Jacob Harris (Brentsville High School)

Sophia Qamari (Colgan High School)

Janet Lu (Forest Park High School)

Roqia Ali (Freedom High School)

Samantha Sherwood (Gainesville High School)

Sofiya Hussien (Gar-Field High School)

Christian Daniels (C.D. Hylton High School)

Malik Maloba (Independence Nontraditional School)

Gabriella La Cour (Osbourn Park High School)

Sushmita Debnath (Patriot High School)

Milagros Adorno (Potomac High School)

Marwa Ougnou (Unity Reed High School)

Valentina Ranz (Woodbridge High School)