F. Richard "Dick" Gastley - September 12, 2020
Posted on 10/25/2020
F. Richard “Dick” Gastley, former PWCS employee and first principal of Springwoods Elementary School, passed away on September 12, 2020. Gastley began a long career in education with Prince William County Public Schools in 1964 as a fifth-grade teacher at Vaughan Elementary School. In 1970, he became assistant principal at Occoquan Elementary School, and then principal of Occoquan in 1973. He served as principal there until 1980 and then at Dumfries Elementary until 1985, when he became principal at Springwoods Elementary, where he served until his retirement in February 2000. Following retirement, he served as a ROP employee until 2006, and stayed involved in education as an officer for the Prince William Retired Teachers Association, a member of the Virginia Education Association, and the National Principals Education Association.

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