Swim Lessons FAQs

Q. Are locker rooms available for use by swim lesson participants and patrons?
A. No, the locker rooms are not currently available for use by swim lesson participants and patrons; however, we do have three family changing rooms that are available.
Q. Can I watch my swimmer during class?
A. We are allowing one adult per participant to view lessons from the mezzanine upstairs. 
Q. Does my swimmer need to wear a face covering in the pool?
A. For safety reasons, swimmers will not wear their face coverings in the water; however, when participants are not in the pool, they will always be required to wear a face covering. 

Swimmers may bring a Ziploc bag to store face coverings when they are in the water.
Q. Are instructors providing hands-on corrections?
A. Instructors will be teaching from the deck for all upper level classes. For levels 2, 3 and 4 the instructors may be in the water if they are social distancing themselves. Hands on corrections will be at minimum and students will be encouraged to use equipment when practicing some skills.
Q. My swimmer has not been in lessons in over a year, what level should I register them for? 
A. We recommend starting at your swimmer at a lower level.  As some swimmers may have lost their skill level, and instructors will not be in the water, it is very important that swimmers are placed in the appropriate level. 
Q. What time may I come in for my lesson? 
A. Swimmers and accompanying adults may enter the Aquatics Center ten minutes prior to the start of the lesson. After checking in, head upstairs to place belongings in the designated seating area; then head downstairs to the pool deck where instructors will be waiting for you. Please see traffic flow map below for additional directions. 
Q. How do I register for swim lessons?
A. Visit our ActiveNET page for information about our current swim lesson offerings, fees, and registration.

Swim Lessons Traffic Flow:

  1. Swim lessons participants and their accompanying adult should enter the Aquatics Center at door #25. They should proceed to the front desk and check in with our team member.
  2. After checking in, the swim lesson participant and accompanying adult should proceed upstairs to the mezzanine and their assigned seating area.  Once the swim lessons participant is ready, they should proceed downstairs to the pool deck via the indicated path below and check in with their instructor.  The accompanying adult should proceed back upstairs to the assigned seating area.
  3. After the lesson has concluded, the accompanying adult may meet the swim lesson participant on the pool deck.  The swim lesson participant and the accompanying adult may then return upstairs to gather their belongings and prepare to depart the facility.  
  4. Once ready, the swim lesson participant and accompanying adult should proceed downstairs, onto the pool deck, and out the doors into the lobby and exit the facility.

Map of traffic flow as indicated in the previous paragraph.