The Division Superintendent, Dr. Steven L. Walts, by direction of the School Board, was tasked with updating the current Prince William County Schools (PWCS) evaluation process and instruments to a modern standards-based model. In June 2007, Deputy Superintendent, Rae Darlington, began the process by convening a Core Team to facilitate the Superintendent’s charge. The goal was to develop a growth-producing performance process for the supervision and evaluation of all professional educators that was:

  • Standards-based;
  • Focused on continuous improvement;
  • Collaborative in design;
  • Research-based; and
  • Outcome oriented to improve instruction and impact student learning.

The process would allow the Division to:

  • Provide a World-Class Education;
  • Focus on student learning;
  • Align professional development with the professional performance standards;
  • Offer ongoing opportunities for growth-producing feedback; and
  • Create parallel supervision and evaluation systems for educational leaders and classified personnel.

In addition to the Core Team, Steering Committees and Peer Review Teams were created to provide a diverse group of stakeholders with the opportunity to participate and provide expert advice in order to create a World-Class Professional Performance Process (PPP) for PWCS. PWCS senior staff, administrators, directors, supervisors, coordinators, teacher representatives, and teacher associations were key participants who provided the Core Team and Steering Committee members with invaluable input that contributed to building a comprehensive Professional Performance Process.