FY 2015-16 PWCS Budget Updates

May 7, 2015

School Board Approves Final Budget, and Plans for “Ferlazzo” Community Elementary School

Details yet to be worked out on $1 million class size reduction grant.

May 7, 2015

The School Board has approved the $1.34 billion budget for the coming school year. The May 6 vote was the final step in adopting the operating and Capital Improvements Plan previously submitted by the School Board and passed by the Board of County Supervisors (BOCS).

The budget includes funding to maintain programs and services at current levels, take additional steps in class size reductions, and provide teachers and other employees an average 2.8 percent step increase to help retain and recruit quality employees.

In a related vote, Board Members formally and unanimously affirmed the decision previously indicated by a Board poll, to make the facility constructed at the “Ferlazzo” site a community elementary school. Construction of the School is included in the approved Capital Improvements Plan.

The newly approved budget covers costs for reducing class size in 9th grade math classes. Board Members are still considering the best use of the $1 million grant offered by the Board of County Supervisors to help further reduce class sizes. Additional reduction efforts funded by the BOCS grant and matching funds will be discussed at the May 20 School Board Meeting.

The School Board also approved the revenue sharing agreement between the Prince William Board of County Supervisors and the Prince William County School Board that provides 57.23% of general county revenues be transferred to the School Division for the operations of fiscal year 2016.

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