Find Your Neighborhood Bus Stop and Schedule

Buscar mi autobús | Trang Mạng “Find my Bus”Tìm Thông Tin Xe Buýt
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Enter address and grade info to learn a.m. & p.m. bus stop and times for assigned school. 

  • Select the grade (ignore other choices)
  • Enter the house number, street and zip code (Use standard abbreviations for Road, Street, Lane….do not spell out.)
  • Select Find School/Transportation Info button

You will be presented with the bus number and approximate time of bus arrival for pickup.

If you receive message “Home Street not found – closest matches:”

  • Use the drop down arrow in the street name field to get another option for spelling.
  • Click on the “Use Selected Match”—immediately to the right.
  • Click on Find School/Transportation Info again.
Specialty Programs

Please use the "Find My Bus Tool" and use the "Advanced Search" feature to retrieve your bus schedule.