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Kindergarten Registration 

Online kindergarten registration for the 2021-22 school year will open on March 22 and run through April 23, 2021. Families moving into Prince William County after April 23 will be able to register their kindergarten student online after this deadline date.

Parents whose students are currently enrolled in any PWCS preschool program (preschool or special education) do not need to complete the online kindergarten registration process. Instead they should contact the registrar for the school where their student will attend for kindergarten for the 2021-22 school year.

Elementary School Registrar List

Age of Entrance

Students who are five years of age or older by September 30 are eligible for enrollment in kindergarten.

Kindergarten Registration Information

The online registration process is followed up with an in-person registration appointment.  Beginning March 23, parents who have completed the online registration process may contact their child's base school to schedule a follow-up in-person appointment.  Please visit your child's base school website for phone number and office hours. 

For the follow-up in-person registration appointment, please bring the following:

  • A certified copy of the child's birth certificate (even if you have uploaded the document).
  • Photo ID of parent or legal guardian registering the student.

Only bring the next documents if they have not been uploaded during the online registration process:

  • Current custody orders or kinship care documents, that are in effect and if appropriate.
  • Comprehensive physical exam dated within twelve months of the child’s entry into the public school system.
  • Valid immunization record signed by a healthcare professional.
  • Proof of residence.

All original documents will be returned to the parent.

Parents who need assistance completing the online registration process may contact their child’s base school and set up an individual session by appointment only, for April 8th or April 15th.

Parents should select instructions for existing families when any of the following are true:

  • The parent has a student(s) currently enrolled in a PWC school or program.
  • The parent has a student(s) who was previously enrolled in a PWC school or was previously evaluated at a central office location.
  • The parent had a parent account at any time in PWCS.

Please select the button below that applies to your family.   

Immunization Requirements

The immunization records must document three doses of DTP with one dose received after the fourth birthday; three doses of a polio vaccine with one dose received after the fourth birthday; two doses of the measles vaccine (one dose received at 12 months of age or older and the second prior to entering kindergarten); one dose of a rubella vaccine received at 12 months of age or older (usually given as MMR); one dose of mumps vaccine received at 12 months of age or older (usually given as MMR); and three doses of the hepatitis B vaccine. All susceptible children (those who have not had chickenpox) born after January 1, 1997, are also required to have a dose of varicella not earlier than the age of 12 months.

Where to Get Vaccinations

Children may be vaccinated at the Manassas or Woodbridge clinics of the Prince William County Health Department or through other medical professionals.

The Manassas Health Clinic is located at 9301 Lee Avenue, Manassas, and there is also a Sudley North office of the clinic located at 7751 Ashton Avenue, Manassas. Information about both offices can be obtained by calling 703.792.6300.

The Woodbridge Health Clinic is located at 4001 Prince William Parkway, Suite 101 in Woodbridge and can be reached by calling 703.792.7300. Please call the health clinics for times and schedules for vaccinations.

Vaccinations that are required for entrance into school are free from the county health clinics. A tuberculosis screening test is required for students who have been out of the United States for a period of three or more consecutive months during the previous five years.

For more information contact:

  • For more information on enrollment requirements, contact Deborah Ransom, Supervisor of Elementary Counseling, Student Services, at 703.791.7265.
  • For further information on immunization and physical exam requirements, contact Teresa Polk, Supervisor of School Health Services, at 703.791.7266.


PWCS offers free language professional interpreters, to help our families understand important information about their student’s education. We also provide translations, of many important documents and information in seven most-commonly requested languages in our area—Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), Farsi, Korean, Pashto, Spanish, Urdu, and Vietnamese.


2020-21 School Age Child Care Program Information

Visit the School Age Child Care Program (SACC) to register your student for the AlphaBest - SACC Elementary School Program, or the Next Generation Middle School Program.  



Si usted habla otro idioma que no es el inglés, llame al Centro de Bienvenida Internacional:

Sede Manassas: 571-402-3800
Sede Woodbridge: 571-374-6813

한국어 - Korean

영어 이외의 다른 언어를 구사하는 사람은 글로벌 환영 센터로 전화하시기 바랍니다:

Manassas 캠퍼스: 571-402-3800
Woodbridge 캠퍼스: 571-374-6813

中文 - Chinese


Manassas 校区: 571-402-3800
Woodbridge 校区:571-374-6813

Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese

Nếu bạn không nói tiếng Anh, hãy gọi tới Trung tâm Chào đón Toàn cầu:

Cơ sở Manassas : 571-402-3800
Cơ sở Woodbridge : 571-374-6813

العربية - Arabic

إذا كنت تتحدث لغة أخرى سوى اللغة الانكليزية، فيرجى الاتصال بمركز الترحيب العلمي

وحدة ماناساس: 571.402.3800
وحدة وودبريدج: 571.374.6813

اُردو - Urdu

اگر آپ انگریزی کے علاوہ کوئی اور زبان بولتے ہیں تو براہ مہربانی گلوبل ویلکم سینٹر کو درج ذیل نمبر پر فون کریں:

Manassas 571-402-3800 کیمپس:-
Woodbridge 571-374-6813 کیمپس-

فارسی - Farsi

:اگر به زبانی غیر از انگلیسی صحبت می کنید لطفاً با مرکز پذیرش تماس بگیرید 

مرکز Manassas: 571-402-3800
مرکز Woodbridge: 571-374-6813

If you speak a language other than English, please call the Global Welcome Center:

Manassas Campus: 571-402-3800 

Michele Forman -
Paola Sierra Linares -

Woodbridge Campus: 571-374-6813

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