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Prince William County School of Practical Nursing

Practical Nursing - A Career With A Future | Fulfill your dreams of nursing!

Seniors can have a professional career only nine months after graduation from high school; adults in 18 months.

What is Practical Nursing?

Practical nursing is a technical career in which the individual practices the art of nursing under the direction of a qualified health professional. The practical nurse is a valuable member of the health care team who is active in the promotion of health, prevention of disease, and care of the sick.

Students who satisfactorily complete both the pre-clinical and clinical phases of this program are eligible to apply to the State Board of Nursing examination to become a licensed practical nurse. The role of the licensed practical nurse is based on past experiences in nursing situations. The LPN participates in the planning, implementation, and evaluation of nursing care in all health care settings where nursing takes place.

What are some of the job opportunities available upon being licensed?

  • Rehabilitation Centers
  • Physician’s Offices
  • Long Term Care
  • Assisted Living
  • Clinics
  • Private Duty
  • Home Health Care, and
  • Hospitals

Excellent NCLEX-PN Pass Rates!

2019– 92 percent
2018– 84 percent
2017– 93 percent
2016– 86 percent
2015– 88 percent
2014– 92 percent

Virginia Board of Nursing Approved
Virginia Board of Education Accredited
Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Council on Accreditation, Accredited

Description of the Program

The school is designed for high school seniors and adults. The course is 18 months in length. The preclinical and clinical instruction each run nine months and predominately follow the Prince William County School calendar for holidays and vacations.

The preclinical phase is offered at Osbourn Park High School. Classes are held two hours each school day and approximately 2.5 hours of online study per week. Seniors receive three credits toward graduation from high school. A 74 percent average must be maintained throughout the nursing program. Clinical experience is provided at Sentara NVMC, Birmingham Green, Westminster at Lakeridge, Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, simulation, and doctor’s offices throughout the county.

After successful completion of the preclinical year, the second nine months (clinical phase) begins when PWCS year starts. Students are involved in classroom activities for seven to eight hours per day. Clinical hours are dependent upon location, hours can range from six-10 hours per day during the clinical phase of study. A cumulative file is kept on each student in order to record their required direct care hours of 400 hours.

Cost of the Program

High school seniors are not required to pay tuition for the preclinical year of study. They must comply with tuition expectations during the clinical year. HS Seniors will need to purchase books, uniforms and class dues to cover capping and graduation expenses.

Adult students are required to pay tuition for both years (1st year $3,500.00; 2nd year $4,500.00). Books, uniforms are an additional charge. 2nd year will also be responsible for a minimal remediation program testing fee, laboratory fee and review class fees. (see website for break-down of additional fees).

Tuition is established with the annual determination of the Prince William County School budget and is subject to change. Out of county residents will be assessed an additional $200 tuition fee. All tuition is non-refundable. VA /GI Bill® accepted, pro-rated refunds in accordance with VA regulations. VA students will not be penalized for deferred payment of tuition. This institution is approved to offer GI Bill® educational benefits by the Virginia State Approving Agency. This program is not FAFSA eligible. Scholarship and Grant monies accepted.

Areas of Study

Practical Nursing I & II

Six Courses - First nine months

  • Personal & Vocational Relationships
  • Growth & Development
  • Fundamentals of Nursing
  • Nutrition
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Pharmacology

Practical Nursing III

Six Courses - Second nine months

  • Course A: Fundamentals, Mental Health, Geriatrics
  • Course B & C: Medical/Surgical
  • Course D & E: Maternity/Pediatrics
  • Course F: Leadership/ Preceptorship

** Community Health throughout the clinical year
** Lab and clinical experiences are utilized to enhance classroom learning.
** HESI testing and remediation system is used to enhance comprehension.
** The Practical Nursing Program utilizes online learning as a teaching and learning tool. Access to a computer and the internet is required to be successful in the nursing program.

Application Information

  • Applications available online after scheduling Admission tests, December 1 through March 15.
  • Application deadline is March 15. Application must be MAILED to this office.
  • Applications are NOT submitted electronically.
  • The final decision for acceptance into the program will be made by the Admission Committee which meets before May 15 for final notification on May 15.
For additional program information or application information, contact Tammy Dean, the Program Director at 571-598-3907 or

Admission Requirements

  1. High school students must be a junior to apply and satisfactorily complete their junior year and be entering their senior year for acceptance.
  2. Adult applicants must have a high school diploma or GED (General Educational Development) Certificate.
  3. Priority is given to Prince William County residents, out of county residents will be assessed an additional $200 for tuition. Applicants should have a sincere interest in nursing and people, the ability to work well with others, and be of good moral character.
  4. Applicants must be in good health. Immunization requirements, Criminal Background Check and Drug Screen for adult students must be submitted prior to final acceptance. HS students will be required to complete the same requirements before entering the second year of the program.
  5. Satisfactory scores on pre-entrance tests are required and personal interview.
  6. Access to a computer with Microsoft software and internet availability mandatory.

Graduation Requirements

  1. Meet all minimum course grade requirements.
  2. Meet all attendance requirements.
  3. Fulfill all financial obligations.
  4. Complete the minimum required 400 direct patent care hours.
  5. Complete a live and virtual NCLEX review.

Tammy Dean, BSN, RN
Program Director

Click here for Practical Nursing Brochure in Spanish UNDER CONSTRUCTION

Click here for Simulation Nursing Brochure (PDF)

Click here for the Simulation Nursing Brochure in Spanish UNDER CONSTRUCTION


 Students in the clinical setting