Keith Imon

Keith Imon

Deputy Superintendent

About Keith Imon

Keith Imon was appointed as Deputy Superintendent effective July 1, 2017, following 12 years as Associate Superintendent for Communications and Technology Services with Prince William County Public Schools (PWCS).

As Associate Superintendent with PWCS, Imon focused the power of communications and technology on enhancing student learning and community engagement. He guided the integration of technology into classroom instruction, and crafted the Division’s technology improvement plan. Imon led successful legislative lobbying for PWCS on a host of educational priorities. His outreach efforts helped make PWCS and its SPARK Education Foundation national leaders in securing Division and school business partnerships and support, generating approximately $4 million in annual revenue and extensive in-kind assistance for students and teachers.

Imon’s years as a classroom teacher and communications and technology administrator prepared him to excel as Deputy Superintendent. He says collaboration and relationship-building are critical to successful educational initiatives, and seeks to engage students, parents, community members, business leaders, and colleagues in addressing both challenges and opportunities.

"The key to success," he says, "is always focusing on what’s best for children." “In keeping with our mission of Providing a World-Class Education, I will strive to help the Division use the latest teaching approaches, technology, and tools to prepare our students for 21st Century careers and opportunities. I am humbled by the opportunity to build on the foundation of Ms. Darlington’s accomplishments to help my colleagues deliver on our commitment to the continuous improvement of our schools and the ever-increasing success of our students.”


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