IDEA Celebrates 45 years

On December 2, National Special Education Day commemorates the anniversary of the nation's first federal special education law. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act(IDEA) was signed into law on November 29, 1975.

Individuals with Disabilities Education Act 45

In adopting this landmark civil rights measure, Congress noted that the law would accomplish two important goals:

  1. It would guarantee a free appropriate public education to every child, regardless of disability, on an equal basis with all other children; and
  2. It would advance all Americans' understanding of disability by bringing children with disabilities out of the shadows and into American schools where their gifts and strengths could be recognized.

Work happening in Virginia has been part of the tremendous progress made over the years in serving students with disabilities and their families. The Virginia Department of Education's Department of Special Education and Student Services believes in continuing the hard work to address the challenges that still exist. Although we are able to help many children with disabilities to achieve their goals, we must continue our work to ensure that all children have the supports they need and to find ways for all children with disabilities to achieve meaningful results and outcomes. While we still have work to do to fully realize IDEA's promise in the future, there is much to celebrate.

For more information and resources visit the IDEA 45 anniversary page, the hub for all U. S. Department of Education content related to the 45th anniversary of the IDEA. On this page, you will find downloadable IDEA 45 graphics to use with your own celebrations.

Celebrate Inclusive Schools Week, December 7 -11

The Inclusive Schools network (ISN) offers sample lessons, activities, downloads and celebrations for teachers to use with students of all ages and grade levels.

Visit TTAC Online for more details.

Providing A Free And Appropriate Public Education

The Office of Special Education supports Prince William County Public Schools as they provide an equal educational opportunity for all students.

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