As new and emerging technologies continue to change the world we live in, they also provide an opportunity for many unique and positive educational benefits to the classroom. Therefore, PWCS has decided to allow the implementation of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in our Division. BYOD will allow students in PWCS to bring their own personal computing device to school to enhance the instructional learning process and become proficient 21st Century Digital Citizens.

Please review the following documents for students, parents and teachers. These resources are intended to provide additional information and guidance for effectively utilizing personal digital devices to enhance instruction and student learning. 

PDF of Best Practices
    Best Practices (PDF)
                 PDF of Classroom Uses by Category
Classroom Uses by Category (PDF)
 PDF of Tips for Students
   Tips For Students (PDF)
PDF of Classroom Management Classroom Management (PDF)     PDF of Bring a Device to School      Bring a Device to School
   PDF of FAQ's

                   PDF of BYOD Guidelines and FAQ's