Registration for Grades K-12

Registration for the 2021-22 school year will open on March 22 and run through April 23, 2021.  Registration begins online and is followed up with an in-person registration appointment.  Families moving into Prince William County after April 23 will be able to register their student online after the deadline date.

Registration Process Information

School Age Child Care Program Information

Visit the School Age Child Care Program (SACC) to register your student for the AlphaBest - SACC Elementary School Program, or the Next Generation Middle School Program.  

Procedures for Withdrawing Your Student

If you need to withdraw your student, please select the appropriate level below. When you land on the contact page please find your school name and send an e-mail to the contact listed to notify of your intent to withdraw. A staff member will guide your next steps.


Enrollment and Transfer Resources

PWCS Regulations

Special Circumstances for School Enrollment

If you are a non-parent or non-resident enrolling a student in a Prince William County Public School please click below for helpful information:

The tuition rate for the 2020-21 school year is:
Out of State: $12,939.00/year
In-State: $6,621.00/year

If you are attempting to enroll a student who is homeless, see below for helpful information:

If you have additional questions about school enrollment you may contact your zoned school or Office of Student Services at 703-791-7257. 




Si usted habla otro idioma que no es el inglés, llame al Centro de Bienvenida Internacional:

Sede Manassas: 571-402-3800
Sede Woodbridge: 571-374-6813

한국어 - Korean

영어 이외의 다른 언어를 구사하는 사람은 글로벌 환영 센터로 전화하시기 바랍니다:

Manassas 캠퍼스: 571-402-3800
Woodbridge 캠퍼스: 571-374-6813

中文 - Chinese


Manassas 校区: 571-402-3800
Woodbridge 校区:571-374-6813

Tiếng Việt - Vietnamese

Nếu bạn không nói tiếng Anh, hãy gọi tới Trung tâm Chào đón Toàn cầu:

Cơ sở Manassas : 571-402-3800
Cơ sở Woodbridge : 571-374-6813

العربية - Arabic

إذا كنت تتحدث لغة أخرى سوى اللغة الانكليزية، فيرجى الاتصال بمركز الترحيب العلمي

وحدة ماناساس: 571.402.3800
وحدة وودبريدج: 571.374.6813

اُردو - Urdu

اگر آپ انگریزی کے علاوہ کوئی اور زبان بولتے ہیں تو براہ مہربانی گلوبل ویلکم سینٹر کو درج ذیل نمبر پر فون کریں:

Manassas 571-402-3800 کیمپس:-
Woodbridge 571-374-6813 کیمپس-

فارسی - Farsi

:اگر به زبانی غیر از انگلیسی صحبت می کنید لطفاً با مرکز پذیرش تماس بگیرید 

مرکز Manassas: 571-402-3800
مرکز Woodbridge: 571-374-6813


If you speak a language other than English, please call the Global Welcome Center:

Manassas Campus: 571-402-3800 

Michele Forman -
Janet Montilla -
Paola Sierra Linares -

Woodbridge Campus: 571-374-6813

Joy Elliott -
Patricia Hathaway -
Jose Chinchilla -
Adriana Mariscal -